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Maintenance Pro
The First Workflow Solution to Combine Wearable, Mobile & Desktop find out more
Golden-i, the perfect wearable device for
field workers using WorkfloPlus
Find out more about the Golden-i headset


As a world first, this course will showcase headset-computing technologies.
It will allow you to try various headset computers, give you an overview of the
market and explain how you as a business can benefit from the headset
computing revolution. Download our brochure for further details.

Book your place now on to our headset computing course and learn how
to plan, create and execute the best possible headset computing
strategy for your organisation, and stay ahead of the curve.


We offer a wide range of consultancy services.


We are the expertise behind the Golden-i custom Android operating system, and can develop and integrate hands-free voice-driven software to suit your business requirements

Mobile &

Our company background lies here and this is where we shine. We can develop complex applications for any mobile and embedded platform, boosting your company’s efficiency


Desktop applications remain a key part of many businesses, and we have the in-house knowledge to develop software for any desktop platform, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems

Design &
User Experience

User experience is the central facet of development of good software, and our design team have a wealth of knowledge in creating systems that are navigable and responsive

Testing &

Validation of software is a complex process, and we have an experienced team that can comprehensively script, test and formally report on the quality of software in development

Help &

Our expertise doesn’t stop at developing software. We provide full support to our customers, ensuring that their systems are functional and assisting with any training and other help required
For more details download our brochure.
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